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Stretch Tent Rentals

Transform any space into a Shady Space

Looking to create the perfect ambience for your next outdoor gathering? Want an edgy, earthy and decidedly elegant vibe without compromising on comfort?

Shady Spaces has you covered in absolute style with our unique range of Bedouin-inspired stretch tents that deliver form and function with true artistic flair. Rent one for your next event to transform any space into the perfect venue – quickly, conveniently, and without any stress.

“You have no idea how excited this makes me, as the tent market on the Island has been missing something like this for a long time!”
— Barb Walker, a local wedding planning with French Kiss Events


More about us

These aesthetically striking event tents, supported by natural eucalyptus poles, are imported directly from South Africa. Shady Spaces is the first company, in fact, to bring stretch tents to Canada’s West Coast. Our event tents offer superior quality in every regard and are stunning, highly versatile alternatives to traditional marquee tent rentals.

See which stretch tent is perfect for your next outdoor event. Then contact us to find out about availability and reserve your tent.

About Shady Spaces

Vancouver Island’s first stretch tent rental provider


At Shady Spaces, we pride ourselves on adapting to the unique needs of our clients to create the perfect venue and atmosphere for each event—minus the stress of set-up and take-down. 

The Shady Spaces Team demonstrates great versatility working with stretch tents at many well recognized global festivals


It was this experience working with festivals around the globe that inspired the creation of Shady Spaces in the Comox Valley. We’ve finally introduced these stylish and versatile stretch tents to the Vancouver Island wedding and event rental market – guaranteeing prompt, professional service and tent quality that’s second to none.

Please explore our selection of stretch tents, or contact us to discuss pricing and availability.



Contact us to find out about availability and reserve your tent.


Stretch Tent Rentals 

Keep your guests dry, shaded and stylish

Our unique, Bedouin-inspired stretch tents are original, versatile and strong enough to withstand the natural elements of the West Coast.

Our stretch tents:

  • Are 100% waterproof

  • Offer 90% shade coverage

  • Are built to withstand the harshest of winds

  • Are supported by natural eucalyptus poles

  • Are constructed from tough, fire-resistant fabric

  • Include configuration, set-up and take-down


Perhaps best of all, these sleek, free-form stretch tents allow wide variation in terms of set-up, with endless configurations for functionality and an individualized look. Our crew will work with you to design a set-up that best fits the mood of your gathering and the kind of weather you may encounter.


The use of natural Eucalyptus poles (instead of metal) adds a natural, earthy element to your tent, and larger tents include a weatherproof gutter system should the heavens decide to open.



Stretch Tent Options 

Shady Spaces offers 8 standard sizes of stretch tents with infinite configurations available:

Option # 1


  • 20 ft. x 20 ft. (400 sqr. ft.)

  • Capacity - 27 cocktail / cinema style or 18 banquet style

Option # 2


  • 20 ft. x 40 ft. (800 sqr. ft.)

  • Capacity - 54 people cocktail /cinema style 36 people banquet style

Option # 3


  • 25 ft. x 32 ft. (800 sqr. ft.)

  • Capacity -56 people cocktail /cinema style 38 people banquet styl

Option # 4


  • 32 ft. x 32 ft. (1,024 sqr. ft.)

  • Capacity -75 people cocktail /cinema style 50 people banquet style

Option # 5


  • 32 ft. x 50 ft. (1,600 sqr. ft.)

  • Capacity -112 people cocktail /cinema style 75 people banquet style

Option # 6


  • 32 ft. x 75 ft. (2,400 sqr. ft.)

  • Capacity -168 people cocktail /cinema style 112 people banquet style

Option # 7


  • 50 ft. x 64 ft. (3,200 sqr. ft.)

  • Capacity -225 people cocktail /cinema style 150 people banquet style

Option # 8


  • 32 ft. x 100 ft. (3,200 sqr. ft.)

  • Capacity -225 people cocktail /cinema style 150 people banquet style


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Sponsorship is an opportunity to be part of the community, give back to the island, and build long term partnerships. Shady Spaces is a locally owned and operated Tent Rental Company based out of Cumberland B.C, and is excited to be stepping into their second season of operations. Introducing unique and sleek bedouin-inspired Stretch Tents to the event-rental and wedding market—a fresh alternative to the marquee.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have. We, at Shady Spaces, are keen to partner-up with other local folk to make events happen in our communities. We are happy to price match while we grow as a young business. Plus, we are setting aside a $10,000.00 grant this season for sponsorship